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Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents

Jan 29, 2020

Randy Adeva returns to the podcast for a record third time to discuss the extended SNL sketch that is Taran Killam's Killing Gunther. As with most other episodes of the podcast, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance in the film we're discussing, and is arguably the best part.

Our fight to the death this week finally...

Jan 14, 2020

Joined by Katherine Allan of Well, Actually, the podcast reviews Maggie, the dramatic turn by Arnold Schwarzenegger that mostly features him standing around and brooding.

Jan 4, 2020

Erin Michelle joins the podcast this week for Terminator Genisys, a film that doesn't ever give an explanation its portmanteau title, or any of its plot, really. Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke all hide their natural accents and join Arnold Schwarzenegger to portray less iconic versions of characters you've...